Women's Day Special : Burnout to Bliss - A spiritual story | Feat. Robin Parrish | Ajay Tambe
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Women's Day Special : Burnout to Bliss - A spiritual story | Feat. Robin Parrish | Ajay Tambe

Maya, a highly successful marketing executive, finds herself deeply unhappy and unfulfilled with her life in the city. 

Maya faces a challenge in her personal life. The stress of her job is taking a toll on her mental and physical health. She's working long hours and constantly feels like she's falling behind. Despite this, she's hesitant to leave her job as she feels like it's all she has.

One day, while taking a walk in the park, she stumbles upon a group of people meditating in a clearing. She's drawn to their peaceful energy and begins attending their weekly gatherings, learning more about meditation and mindfulness.

Through the group, Maya begins to explore her spirituality and starts to realize the interconnectedness of all things. She starts to see the world in a new way and feels a sense of belonging she's never felt before. She shares her journey with the group and finds support and guidance from their shared experiences.

Maya confides in the group and finds strength in their words of encouragement. They remind her of the power of surrender and trust and encourage her to follow her heart. Maya slowly begins to explore other career paths and eventually discovers her passion for organic farming.

A podcastaudios Originals by Ajay Tambe

Featuring Celebrity Makeup Artist Robin Parrish as Guest Storyteller

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