What is storytelling technique in teaching?

Storytelling technique in teaching is a method of using storytelling to engage students and make learning more interactive and meaningful. The idea behind it is that by using storytelling to present information, students will be more likely to remember it and make connections to their own lives.

As Will Storr said in his book "The Science of Storytelling," "storytelling is a powerful tool for teaching because it activates the brain's natural tendency to understand the world through narrative." By using storytelling in the classroom, teachers can tap into this natural tendency and make learning more effective.

Some examples of storytelling techniques in teaching include:

  • Using personal anecdotes to illustrate a point or make a subject more relatable
  • Using historical or fictional stories to provide context for a lesson
  • Asking students to create their own stories or scenarios related to a topic
  • Using visual aids such as images or videos to support storytelling
  • Encourage students to create their own story to tell their classmates

Overall, storytelling technique in teaching is an effective way to make learning more interactive, engaging, and memorable for students. It's a great way to tap into students' natural tendency to understand the world through narrative and make the learning experience more meaningful.