What is the definition of storytelling ?

Storytelling is the act of communicating a series of events through words, images, or other forms of media. It is a way of expressing ideas, emotions, or information, and it can take many forms, including oral storytelling, written storytelling, visual storytelling, and digital storytelling. Storytelling can be used for entertainment, education, or persuasion, and it can be done by individuals or groups. It is an ancient human activity that has been used for thousands of years to pass down culture, history, and personal experiences.

In simpler terms, storytelling is the art of communicating a story to an audience. It can be done through different mediums, such as spoken words, written form, performance and visual arts. It is often used for entertainment, but it also serves as a powerful tool for passing on knowledge, building empathy, and inspiring people. Storytelling is an important aspect of human communication and culture and has been used throughout history to convey information and ideas, entertain and educate, and preserve cultural heritage.