Award winning British Voice Actress on AI & Future of Voice over Industry | Margaret Ashley | Ajay Tambe

Award winning British Voice Actress on AI & Future of Voice over Industry | Margaret Ashley | Ajay Tambe

Margaret Ashley's career in acting and voice-over work is marked by a wide range of roles and projects that highlight her talent and versatility.

📚 Episode Highlights:

  • Embark on "The Journey of Margaret Ashley" , tracing her path from initial sparks of passion to drama school’s rigorous tests.

  • Discover the resilience and inspirations that fueled Margaret's early stages.

  • Relive Margaret’s breakthrough and the pivotal "I've Arrived" moment.

Can't-Miss Moments:

    • Peek behind the curtain at Margaret's prep process for any project.

  • Explore the formation of her acting agency and what winning awards truly means to an artist.

  • Dive into the future with a discussion on AI and its impact on the voice-over industry.

From television and theatre to film and voice-overs, she has demonstrated an ability to adapt to different mediums and genres, making her a respected and valued member of the entertainment industry.

Her contributions not only showcase her individual skills but also serve to inspire others in the field.


00:00 Coming Up Next

02:07 Lifestyle and Schedule 

04:00 The Journey of Margaret Ashley 

06:32 The Drama School Calling 

08:27 Drama School : The Big Challenge 

13:10 What Kept Margaret Going in Early Stages 

16:24 Margaret’s “I've Arrived” Moment 

18:57 The Rise of Independent Radio and Ads

22:05 Margaret's Prep Process for any Project 

24:13 Voice Exercise and Warm-ups

27:00 Doctor Who & BBC 

31:03 Formation of Acting Agency 

34:00 What Winning Awards Really MEANS ?

38:49 AI & Future of Voice Over Industry 

45:44 Upcoming Projects 

49:41 Advice for Aspiring Artists 

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