EP05 : The Enigma of Lady Morgana | The Knights of Avalon Feat. Geert Van N.

EP05 : The Enigma of Lady Morgana | The Knights of Avalon Feat. Geert Van N.

In Chapter 05 ,Camelot in turmoil as Lady Morgana's allegiance baffles the knights. Galahad seeks truth but finds only cryptic clues. A village's plight forces collaboration, unraveling Morgana's enigma. The Knights of Avalon grapple with destiny's intricate threads.

About : In the midst of Arthurian Britain, where tales of chivalry, magic, and honor abound, a legendary order known as the Knights of Avalon upholds a secret oath to protect the realm from supernatural threats that threaten to unravel the fabric of Camelot. Led by a wise and enigmatic figure, Merlin, these knights are entrusted with the sacred duty of preserving not only King Arthur's reign but also the mystical legacy of Avalon itself.

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⁠⁠ ⁠Feat. Geert Van Nieuwenhove

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The Final Test

It's all about sacrifice and unity, and you made it resonate.

Laidley's narration is skillfull

that encounter in the mystical forest with the Echo of Destiny is Mind-blowing!

Camelot Vibes Are Just 🔥

I got chills. And the sounds.... Like I was legit in a fantasy movie.

The Veil of Prophecy

Chapter 10 of this series, with Margaret Ashley’s narration, was a beautifully crafted piece of storytelling

Margaret Ashley’s Narration !

Margaret Ashley brings a dignified and wise tone to the narration, fitting for the episode’s themes

Awesome Job

I love Bre's Episode! Her Voice fits Perfect

Must Listen in Holidays

I really liked the way Breyonna Narrated the story ...gave epic energy

Sherwin XL takes the Listeners on Journey

The determination in King Arthur's voice, and the mystical presence of Merlin – all brought to life with a skillful touch by Sherwin XL

Drama stays in your head.

The way they mix up old legends with this drama is legit.

Scott J. Nailed it

You could feel dude's pain between choosing love or loyalty.

Lady Morgana

Geert's Voice perfectly captures the tension and mystery surrounding Lady Morgana.

The Knights

Storytelling at its transportive best - where he goes, you’ll want to follow.