The Actor's Playbook: Inside the Mind of a Character Builder | Actor Jordan Laidley | Ajay Tambe

The Actor's Playbook: Inside the Mind of a Character Builder | Actor Jordan Laidley | Ajay Tambe

Actor Jordan's remarkable story in our latest podcast episode, where we peel back the layers of an artist who was thrust into the world of acting and emerged as a force of creative energy.

From the reluctant beginnings to the transformative power of drama school and beyond, Jordan's narrative is a compelling tale of growth, challenge, and the relentless pursuit of artistic truth.

🎬 Episode Highlights:

  • Explore Jordan's unexpected foray into acting and how it shaped his future

  • Follow the rigorous path through training and drama school that honed his craft

  • Delve into Jordan's meticulous character prep process and his versatility across stage plays, TV, and film.

📝 Insights You Can't Miss:

  • Gain an insider's view of Jordan's scriptwriting process and how he addresses themes like knife crime and gang culture.
  • Discover the unique blend of improv rapping that showcases Jordan's belief in the use of creative energy.
  • Be inspired by the most rewarding moments of Jordan's career and his valuable advice for aspiring artists.

The Knights of Avalon

Listen actor Jordan Laidley in "The Knights of Avalon".

Jordan's Spotlight


00:00 Coming Up Next

02:29 Jordan's Schedule and Projects

04:21 Jordan's Childhood 

05:33 Jordan was forced into Acting!

07:38 Shifting Focus Forward Acting

10:33 Training and Drama School 

13:18 First Dramatic Call-back 

17:02 Jordan's Character Prep Process 

20:10 Stage Plays, TV & Films

22:55 How to Keep Character Alive 

27:46 Power of IMPROV

30:52 Jordan's Script Writing Process 

34:19 Knife Crime and Gang Culture

41:11 Improv Rapping 

44:31 Why Artists Must Use Creative Energy ?

52:39 Most Rewarding Moments

55:09 Valuable Advice for Artists 

58:51 Thank you Jordan 

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