#WomensDay : How New York's Wildlife depend on This Superwoman! | Janine Bendicksen | Sweetbriar Nature Center

#WomensDay : How New York's Wildlife depend on This Superwoman! | Janine Bendicksen | Sweetbriar Nature Center

Janine, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Director at New York's Sweetbriar Nature Center, shares more than just a story of animal care. Her narrative serves as a powerful call to action for conservation, enlightening the public about the fragile equilibrium of our ecosystem.

From responding to emergency wildlife calls to conducting captivating public programs and organizing discovery weeks for children, Janine's tale underscores that there's a role for everyone in the critical mission of conservation.

Discover how seemingly small actions, such as "Buying a MICE for $1," can lead to significant positive changes in our environment.

Tune in today and take your initial step toward becoming a steward of nature!

🐾 Moments You Can't Miss:

  • Join Janine on her wildlife conservation tours
  • Learn how the community supports their cause and how you can contribute
  • Be inspired by the story of a deer and her family, symbolizing the impact of Sweet Briar

Sweetbriar Nature Center

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Birthday-parties Time Stamps 00:00 Coming Up Next 01:31 Micro Documentary 03:19 Introduction 06:41 Janine’s Bonding with Animals 09:43 Dream Came True Moment 15:32 Journey of Sweet Briar 16:21 Rehab for Every Animal 20:06 Don't Pet “Wild Animals” 21:17 Wildlife Conservation Tours 24:16 We Completely Rely on Public 26:54 The Deer and her Family 28:53 Emergency Calls and Work-life 35:00 How to Donate for Animal Care ? 37:04 Buy me a MICE at $1 38:52 Children's Discovery Week 41:02 Annual Appeal 42:00 Steven Goldman Rehab Clinic 43:27 Do's and Don'ts of Wildlife 45:05 Programs for Public 46:03 Programs for Kids 47:46 Holiday Parties 48:30 Make a Difference in this World 50:56 The Final Message 53:25 Donate for Animal Care