How a Girl Stepped Away to Achieve an Unattainable Dream | Interview with Jazmine Cornielle | Ajay Tambe

How a Girl Stepped Away to Achieve an Unattainable Dream | Interview with Jazmine Cornielle | Ajay Tambe

From humble beginnings to award-winning accomplishments, Jazmine Cornielle shares her inspiring story and invaluable insights with us.

Jazmine unveils her unique process of performing, highlighting the distinct mindset required for both acting and directing. Learn the driving force behind her creation of Simmering Fire Productions and the passion that fuels her dream of having her own TV show. Join us for a candid and inspiring conversation with a true artist, as Jazmine Cornielle unveils the essence of her creative journey and the passion that drives her to continue pushing boundaries in the world of entertainment.

Time Stamps :

00:00 Coming Up Next

1:25 Welcome

1:42 Introduction

02:06 How She Got Started

4:09 Recalling "She Went All in" Moment

06:37 Jazmine's Distribution of Focus 

07:32 Feeling of Winning an Award for her Film

8:27 Memories from Sets of her film "Raven"

9:32 Key Elements While Writing Horror - Producing Film 

11:02 Process of Performing Sketch Comedy

11:47 Personal Experience When her Comedic Skill Got Tested 

12:22 Emotions Taking Centre Stage During Performance

13:10 Acting and Direction What's the Mindset ?

14:39 On Given Day Horror or Comedy ?

17:00 Preparation for a Role 

19:42 Shazmine : The Life of a Popstar

21:23 What New Ideas are Bugging Jazmine ?

22:45 Why She Started Simmering Fire Productions ?

24:21 Dream of Having her own TV Show

26:31 Searching for 'Truth'

27:51 Jazmine's Childhood days

29:06 Childhood Phase

30:42 : Creating Community for Artists

31:09 Tips for Aspiring Artists

32:29 Advice for Artists

34:02 Get Inspired from Jazmine CORNIELLE

36:36 Story Behind Starting "Sketch Comedy Group"

40:54 Connect with Jazmine Cornielle

You can find out more about everything Jazmine-related here:

IG: @jazminecornielle website: 

New company: @SimmeringFireProductions


Horror Company: @humanpincushionproductions.

Sketch Team: @A_Series_Of_Unfortunate_Folks (her team of collaborators put on live shows every other month at The Players Theater where she has a residency!)

Actress/Writer/Filmmaker/ Founder of SimmeringFire Productions and A Series of Unfortunate Folks

IMDB | IG | Facebook | Youtube | LinkTree | AA

 "Raven" | horror short film

POSSESSION (horror short)

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