How Acting in Stage Plays Restored My Lost Hope | Geert Van N | Ajay Tambe

How Acting in Stage Plays Restored My Lost Hope | Geert Van N | Ajay Tambe

From a painful teenage transformation to embracing the spotlight on stage ! unveil the riveting journey of Geert, an artist whose life reads like a script filled with transformation, trials, and triumphs.

Episode Highlights:

    • Witness Geert's life-altering encounter with an actress
    • Step behind the curtain into Geert's character prep process
    • Explore the nuanced differences between film and stage preparation
    • Be moved by Geert's standout life moment

This episode is not just for actors or theatre enthusiasts but for anyone who seeks inspiration in the art of overcoming. Geert's journey through pain, discovery, and ultimate self-expression is a testament to the transformative power of art.

Time Stamps

00:00 Coming Up Next

01:32 Introduction 

04:50 Painful Teenage Transformation

06:27 That Actress Changed MY LIFE…

08:38 PERFORMING in Stage Plays

11:05 Character Prep Process

12:46 Film VS Stage Geert’s Prep Process 

16:30 Standout Moment in Life

19:27 Impact of OTT Platforms

22:53 Character's Impact on Personal Life

23:39 Dealing with Uncertainty 

24:59 Pivotal Moment

25:43 How Geert Prepares for an Audition 

27:30 I’d love to Play a Villain

28:42 Acting Training Period

30:14 Voice Over Projects 

30:58 Advice for Artists 

🌟 Can't-Miss Moments:

    • Delve into the impact of OTT platforms on traditional acting
    • Discover how roles have influenced Geert's personal life
    • Learn how Geert navigates the seas of uncertainty and pivotal career moments
    • Get exclusive insight into Geert's audition preparation techniques

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