How His Military Past Shaped His Future In Acting | Interview with Wayne Reid | Ajay Tambe

How His Military Past Shaped His Future In Acting | Interview with Wayne Reid | Ajay Tambe

Discover how the skills, discipline, and experiences from Wayne Reid's time in service became invaluable assets in their pursuit of a career on stage and screen.

We'll explore the challenges and triumphs faced along the way, including the moments of self-discovery and personal growth that reshaped Wayne's identity. Listen as Wayne shares behind-the-scenes stories, reflecting on the parallels between military life and acting, Join us on a journey of transformation and resilience, and find out how the values of honor, commitment, and teamwork in the military world opened doors to unexpected opportunities in the world of acting Time Stamps | Chapters

00:00 Coming Up Next

01:28 Introduction 

02:55 Wayne's School Phase and Growing up days 

04:44 Introvert or Extrovert 

05:57 Most Influencing person in Wayne's Life

08:08 Why Wayne Entered into Acting Industry 

 14:15 Influence of Military Background 

16:49 Acting Disciplines that Wayne Follows

18:25 The Process of ‘Remembering Lines’

20:35 Wayne's ‘Voice Over' Journey 

23:39 Wayne's Audition Preparation Process 

25:34 Dealing with Co-actors 

27:31 Major Learnings from 4 year acting Career

29:28 Valuable Lessons from Acting

32:43 Dealing with Rejection Calls

35:05 The One Skill Every Actor Must Have

36:00 Best Piece of Advice Recieved

37:13 Fav Genre and Why ?

37:40 Wayne's Favourite Movie and Wh?

39:20 We Switched to Cricket Talk

42:45 Wayne on Virat Kohli 

44:03 Learnings from Sports 

44:42 Thank you Wayne Reid

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