The Making of a Filmmaker : A Cinematic Calling | Interview with Glenn McBride Jr. | Ajay Tambe

The Making of a Filmmaker : A Cinematic Calling | Interview with Glenn McBride Jr. | Ajay Tambe

This exclusive interview isn’t just a talk; it's a journey through the eyes of a visionary. From calling every studio in Hollywood to winning the Best Actor award, Glenn's story is nothing short of inspiring.

Glenn McBride Jr is an multi awarded winning actor, writer and director based in Long Island, NY.

🎥 What Awaits You:

  • The drama behind his first film at 19:17
  • Glenn's transformation into 'The Walking TV Guide' at 09:51
  • Insights into the importance of networking at 25:16
  • The hilarity and heart of his comedy web series at 30:18
  • The pivotal "Worst Decision" at 34:25 and how it shaped his career

Whether you're an aspiring actor, a film buff, or someone who loves a good behind-the-scenes story, this podcast is your ticket to understanding the glitz, glamour, and grind of the entertainment industry. Glenn's experiences, from laugh-out-loud moments to hard-earned wisdom, are a goldmine for anyone passionate about the arts.

🌟 Don't Miss Out!

  • Learn from Glenn's valuable lessons at 39:28
  • Discover the real Netflix trap at 61:59
  • Get first-hand advice for budding artists at 66:20

Glenn Mcbride Jr. on IMDb Time Stamps

00:00 Coming Up Next

02:07 Introduction 

03:39 When Glenn Called Every Studio in Hollywood, California

06:24 Making Movie as 10yr old Kid 

09:51 Glenn ‘The Walking TV Guide’

12:04 Day Dreamer in School

12:54 Year 2012 ‘The Big Jump’

19:17 Nail-Biting Drama Behind Making his First Film 

25:16 Importance of Networking 

20:35 Wayne's ‘Voice Over' Journey 

27:39 Shocked After Winning Best Actor Award

30:18 How Glenn Developed his Comedy Web Series 

34:25 Worst Decision of Glenn's Life 

39:28 Valuable Lessons from Acting

39:30 Importance of Scheduling Time

41:58 Why Artists Need to Avoid Burnout 

45:53 Why Comedy Genre Glenn's Favourite?

47:46 Process of Getting Better in Comedy 

51:43 Acting Vs Directing 

53:45 Upcoming Xmas Movie 

59:40 Learnings from Rejections 


63:15 When Artists Doesn't Show up on Set

66:20 Valuable Advice for Artists

70:36 Advice for Aspiring Actors 

71:57 Upcoming Movies and Projects 

73:19 Thank You Glenn

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