Unbelievable How Inner Pain Sparked a Sensational Singing Career | Interview with Singer India Dupre | Ajay Tambe

Unbelievable How Inner Pain Sparked a Sensational Singing Career | Interview with Singer India Dupre | Ajay Tambe

In heartfelt conversation with the Popular singer-songwriter India Dupre, she opened up about her tumultuous childhood journey—a relentless battle for survival, where scarcity of food and money cast a long, dark shadow. But destiny had a different plan in store for her, as the tender age of 15 marked an extraordinary turning point: winning the prestigious Australian Star Search TV Show, which forever transformed the course of her life.

She opened up and shared her creative writing routine, a special place where her deepest thoughts come alive. When asked about the powerful inspiration behind her latest album, BELIEVE, she spoke from her heart, revealing the inner drive that pushes her to create art that touches people's souls and brings hope.

Her unwavering resilience, unyielding passion, and unwavering belief in the transformative power of art serve as an inspiration to all who encounter her remarkable journey.

Time Stamps in Following way :

00:00 Coming Up

02:39 Welcome 

02:56 Introduction

04:44 Her Inspirational Journey and How it Got Started as an Artist 

11:28 Life After Success started coming on her way 

11:51 Her musical background and how it influenced your music style ?

15:01 Reason Why she was Named India' ?

17:09 About her Sister Saffron

17:56 Story of Winning as a singer *Australian Star Search*

21:18 Big Dreams Bonding with Father via working on lyrics and Music 

22:12 Inspiration Behind Producing Album BELIEVE

24:11 Moment She Decided to go Ahead with Album BELIEVE 

25:37 Can you elaborate on the themes and inspirations behind your music?

27:09 Collaboration with her Mother and Experience of Working with her Mother

29:28 "Don't Give Up" has helped people in Ukraine. Can you share the story behind that?

34:14 Creative Process of Writing Work Process 

39:08 Experience of acting professionally in both LA and London

42:38 Experience of Working in Austin Powers film Goldmember 

46:43 Upcoming Projects 48:14 Advice for Aspiring Artists 

52:46 India's Kind Words for Ajay

53:24 Some Special Fun Part 

55:07 Check Show Notes and Description

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